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Auto Answer for One-X Communicator

Posted: December 20, 2013 in TSAPI


When using Avaya One-X Communicator in a call center environment, it is not possible for an agent to have auto answer of ACD calls. This triggered us to write a tool to solve this problem. The target of this tools is simple, it enables agents answer ACD calls automatically without pressing the Answer button. This will improve operation efficiency and reduce ACHT of the call center.

Preparation and Password Encryption

  • The access MDB file stored the the username and password of AE server for this software. For security reason, a tool called encryptpasswd.exe is provided to generate encrypted password for the installation and configuration of the software
  • Execute the program, generate the encrypted password for a user of AE server, then paste the encrypted password to parameter aa_tlink. For example, the encrypted password for “p@ssword” is “R3NIw1yJMLlnPFzEQtuh2A==”
  • encryptpasswd

64 bit Windows System 

  • For 64 bit Windows system, please follow the steps below
    • Download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update
    • Configure ODBC System DSN using
      • C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe
    • Stop the Windows firewall because it enables by default and I don’t have time to figure out what ports are required to open, you need to find them out yourself.


  • Download the TSAPI client for Windows 32-bit from Avaya web site, it contains the library files. You need to register DevConnect before you can access the download page.
  • Download the AutoAnswer zip file file here.
  • Follow the installation steps below to install the software.
    • Extract all the files into directory c:\program files\autoanswer
    • Open Windows Command Prompt, enter the following commands to register the program as Windows Service
      • cd c:\program files\autoanswer
      • autoanswer -i
    • Open ODBC Setting, create a System DSN called AUTOANSWERCFG for Microsoft Access Driver and point the DB to autoanswer.mdb which is located in the directory c:\program files\autoanswer
    • Open the Access file, edit the value of parameters aa_tlink_01 and aa_tlink_02 to the TLINK of your AE servers in the tParameter table, take care the encrypted password for AE server
    • Start the Windows Service AutoAnswer
    • Telnet to localhost and port number 14012, enter username tcpgate and password tcpgate01 to access the program console
    • Enter the following command to add one extension for AutoAnswer
      • add extension 41101
      • Hint: 41101 is an extension, when the extension is in alerting state and the extension is login in ACD, the AutoAnswer program will issue the answer command for the extension
    • Enter the following command in the program console, you will receive debug information.
      • trace on asc
    • Enter the following command in the program console, you will get the help message
      • help


  • Stop the Window Service AutoAnswer
  • Open Windows Command Prompt, enter the following commands to uninstall the program from Windows Service
    • cd c:\program files\autoanswer
    • autoanswer -u




ScreenPop 1.3.4 Released

Posted: December 16, 2013 in News, TSAPI

16 Dec 2013, ScreenPop 1.3.4 just released. This release supports passing AGENTID to web application. Moreover, web application can perform call controls using CGI interface.  For details, please refer the support page

clintSVR 1.1.3 Released

Posted: December 13, 2013 in CMS, News

Release 1.1.3 just released, this release supports the following real time reports:

  • Queue Agent Status
  • Queue Top Agent Status
  • Queue Agent Summary

For details, please reference the support web page.