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Splunk App CallAnalytics

Posted: October 3, 2020 in BCMS, News

We have created a Splunk App called Call Analytics, the current version of the app is 1.0.0. You can download the app free from here. After download, use the Splunk Manage App function to upload the file callanalytics[version].tar.gz into Splunk. Then enable the Splunk HTTP Event Collector Global Setting. Also update the parameters of CallAnalytics with the the following console commands:

  • update parameter ca_splunkdataformat json
  • update parameter ca_splunkhecchannel 13de7dd2-f05d-43b6-9a87-7f322b819275
  • update parameter ca_splunkhectoken 13de7dd2-f05d-43b6-9a87-7f322b819275
  • update parameter ca_splunkhecurl
  • update parameter ca_splunkprotocol hec
  • reload

Lastly add your splitskillstatus, agentsnapshot and vdnsnapshot, qacdsplits, qtrunkgroup reports into CallAnalytics, you will find the following dashboards in Splunk. Enjoy!