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bcmsSVR 2.0.3 Released

Posted: December 17, 2017 in BCMS

bcmsSVR 2.0.3 just released, this version has the following updates

1. Recomplil Linux version with libssh. The libssh2 has serious bug.
2. Fixed Linux version segmentation fault which caused by function strtok.

Customers who subscribe the annual email support service are entitled to have free update, please contact UPINGET Technologies for the download URL.

CallAnalytics 2.0.5 Released

Posted: December 1, 2017 in News, TSAPI

CallAnalytics 2.0.5 just released. This release has the following updates

1. Add a new parameter called ca_splunklogdir. When it is defined, all Splunk logs are saved in the directory and the log is kept daily basis.
2. Supports logging of clipboard copy data from ClipBoardAgent.
3. Handle CSTA_DIVERTED event for VDN and extension.
4. The REST interface supports QueryACDSplit and new report called qacdsplit can be added to log the data in Splunk.
5. Support multiple objects in the report.
6. Extension call abandon event is logged.
7. Call established caused by playing of vector announcement will be checked.
8. Call connection cleared caused by playing of vector announcement will be checked.
9. Added alert time, answer time, alert duration and answer duration in the database and Splunk interfaces.