Survey Manager

Posted: October 12, 2022 in Analytics, TSAPI

Twilio is a good platform for omnichannel communication. You can conduct an SMS survey with Twilio Studio such as this. We have implemented a SurveyMgr server module that can provide a REST interface for customers to trigger an SMS survey. That survey can be a Twilio Studio SMS survey or a customized one created by the customers. We also integrate the SurveyMgr with CallAnalytics server module, which can trigger an SMS survey after a VDN call is disconnected. This is very useful when SMS surveys can be triggered automatically and results can be collected in the database.

We also integrated the SurveyMgr with CSAT Survey using Asterisk IVR. The result of the CSAT Survey of Asterisk IVR can be written to the SurveyMgr database immediately after the survey is finished.  

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