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ivrSVR 1.2.0 Released

Posted: May 21, 2016 in News, TSAPI

21 May 2016, ivrSVR 1.2.0 just released. This version

1. Supports SelectiveListeningHold() and SelectiveListeningRetrieve() API
2. Supports permanent connection between ivrSVR and uuiSVR to make the add, update and delete of user data more efficient.
3. Fixed a bug that ivrSVR will not startup successfully before AES startup.

ivrSVR 1.1.9 Released

Posted: May 1, 2016 in News, TSAPI

1 May 2016, ivrSVR 1.1.9 just released. This version included the following updates:

1. The Answer() API supports answer call by callid.
2. The Retrieve() API supports retrieve call by callid.
3. The ClearCall() API supports clear call by callid.
4. New API SingleStepConference() is supported.
5. New admin command “bulkadd extension” and “bulkdelete extension” are supported via tcpgate console.
6. The MakeCall() API returns additonal UCID field to application.
7. The Consultation() API returns additional UCID field to application.

For details, please refer to the support page.