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In contact center, agents can view a lot of customer data from billing or CRM systems. Fraud cases can be happened if agents copy the data and send them out via public web applications such as web mail. To detect the data copy in contact center, we have created a tool called ClipBoardAgent. The ClipBoardAgent installed on agent desktops and monitors the data copy operations. When data copy is detected, the ClipBoardAgent sends the information to CallAnalytics. The CallAnalytics correlates the desktop information with the Avaya data such as the agent extension, the agent id, agent skill mode, agent talk state, current call vdn and split; the correlated data then is sent to Splunk for future analysis.  Once data is appeared on Splunk, we can build reports and send alerts and investigate fraud cases. If you are interested, please contact us.

DMCCLogger 1.0.3 Released

Posted: June 16, 2017 in DMCC, News

DMCCLogger 1.0.3 just released. The updates are

1. Fixed merged calls when new a call appeared immediately after an old call disconnection.
2. Fixed encryption key loaded incorrectly when program startup.
3. Application data is stored together with call data which is in the t_astcalldata table.