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I am developing an OCX control for ScreenPop/CTI application development. The OCX control can be embedded into your application so you can control call very easily. Moreover, OCX events are fired when your phone has state changed. In additional, multiple OCX controls are supported in the same machine so multiple applications can control the phone and received notification events at the same time. Contact me if you are interested.

AstLogger 1.3.8 Released

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Asterisk, News, TSAPI

5 Jan 2013, AstLogger 1.3.8 just released.  This release has some enhancements:

  • Supports “ondemand” recording mode. New parameters “al_ondemandonfc”, “al_ondemandonfile”, “al_ondemandofffc”, “al_ondemandofffile”, “al_ondemandbuffersize” and “al_ondemandworkersize” are defined for this purpose.
  • Supports backup record vdn prefix for asterisk logger resilience. A parameter “al_emergencysplit” is defined for this purpose. When the emergency split is enabled, Astlogger will use the backup record vdn prefix for call recording.
  • FAGI buffer size and worker size parameters are now configurable, the parameters “al_fagibuffersize” and “al_fagiworkersize” are defined for this purpose.
  • The parameters “al_extension”, “al_acd”, “al_phantomdevice”, “al_recordvdnprefix”, “al_vdngreetingprefix”,  “al_splitgreetingprefix” are depreciated.

For details, please refer to the support page.

ScreenPop 1.3.5 Released

Posted: January 5, 2014 in News, TSAPI

3 Jan 2014, ScreenPop 1.3.5 just released. This release supports the following:

  • Supports license management via a license server. A parameter sp_licsvr is defined for this purpose.
  • Supports One-X Communicator softphone. The ScreenPop server will answers ACD call automatically when parameter sp_acdautoanswer is defined.
  • Supports alternate call control via the Trnasfer and Conference call dialog of caltoui program.

For details, please refer the support page