Route Calls using Asterisk with SmartRoute Manager

Posted: March 4, 2023 in Asterisk, TSAPI

Recently, we have implemented a project to route call center calls by Asterisk. The Asterisk integrates with SmartRoute module to route incoming calls based on agent availability and duty roster data. For example the following scenarios:

  1. Prompts an IVR menu to a new customer and routes the call to the selected queue. When the customer calls again, route the customer directly to the previously selected queue.
  2. If the customer is marked by an agent, the customer will be routed to the selected agent automatically. If the agent is not login ACD, the call can be routed to the agent’s mobile if he is on duty. A backup agent can be defined to handle the customer call if the first agent is not available.
  3. The call finally can be routed to a default queue when an error has occurred or all agents are not available.

If you are looking for a similar solution, please contact us.

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