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ctiSVR Click to Call for SuiteCRM

Posted: January 12, 2019 in News, TSAPI


A SuiteCRM module is developed to support Click to Call in SuiteCRM, this module is open source and the source code can be found in github.

Install SuiteCRM Click to Call Module 

  1. Download the module package from here
  2. Upload and install the module in SuiteCRM

Configure SuiteCRM Click to Call CTI

  • Administrator -> Admin -> SuiteCRM Click To Call -> Click to Call Configuration
  • Enter CTI IP Address and Port number of ctiSVR

Configure SuiteCRM User Extension 

  • User Profile -> SuiteCRM Click To Call -> CTI Extension
  • Enter the extension of the user

Click To Call  

Once the module is installed, a small telephone icon appeared next to any telephone number. Click on the telephone icon will trigger Click to Call feature of the module.