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AvayaECHI 1.1.17 Released

Posted: October 14, 2021 in CMS, News

AvayaECHI 1.1.17 just released, this version has the following updates:

1. Supports CMS R19 ECHI standard format.
2. Supports tECHIv2 table.

bcmsSVR 2.1.3 Released

Posted: October 11, 2021 in BCMS, News

bcmsSVR 2.1.3 just released, this version has the following updates.

1. Add bcmslistsummarysplitday, bcmslistsummaryvdnday, bcmslistsummaryagentday and bcmslistsummarytrunkday APIs and the data structures.
2. Add bcmsmonitorsplitsla API and its data structure.
3. Add bcmsmonitorsplitstatus API and its data structure.
4. Add bcmsmonitorsplitsla Prometheus metrics.

After integration with Prometheus, we can produce the Grafana dashboards and graphs by Prometheus.


CallAnalytics 2.0.13 Released

Posted: October 5, 2021 in News, TSAPI

CallAnalytics 2.0.13 just released, this version has the following updates.

1. Supports cache call info so asterisk or other external system can query the call info data using UCID even agent call is transferred.
2. VDN call will look up the Extension call info to update the extension, agentid, vdn and split of the call.
3. Supports new function queryagentstates to query agent states collected by CallAnalytics.

DMCCLogger 1.0.8 Released

Posted: October 3, 2021 in DMCC, News

DMCCLogger 1.0.8 just released, this version has the following updates.

1. A new parameter dmcc_switchipinterface is added to enable switch IP interface instead of using default
2. Check the code and reason returned from the API RegisterTerminalRequest.
3. Supports recording restriction by acd, station, vdn and split. A new parameter dmcc_recordingrestriction replaced the dmcc_sscrestriction parameter.
4. Use API GetRegistrationState to check the registration status of extensions and phantoms.