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BCMSLight is a visual notification software for Avaya call center. The software is integrated with a USB lighting device and showing critical situation by turning on the lighting device and changing the color to YELLOW or RED when the number of monitoring object such as waiting calls, the oldest waiting time or the percentage in service level exceeded threshold value. The software is designed for the Avaya BCMS, it requires bcmsSVR which gets the real time data directly from Avaya CM. The BCMSLight provides the following features:

  • Display VDN, Skill and Skill Status Real Time Reports on supervisor desktops
  • Visual notification of monitoring objects such as the number of waiting calls, the oldest waiting time or the percentage in service level

Supported USB lighting device

  • Embrava
    • Blynclight PLUS
    • Blynclight Mini
  • Plenom
    • Kuando BUSYLIGHT UC Omega
    • Kuando BUSYLIGHT UC Alpha

Supported BCMS Reports

  • monitor bcms split
  • monitor bcms system
  • monitor bcms vdn
  • list bcms split
  • list bcms split day
  • list bcms vdn
  • list bcms vdn day
  • list bcms agent
  • list bcms agent day
  • monitor traffic trunk-groups
  • status trunk
  • list bcms trunk
  • list bcms trunk day

Supported platform

  • BCMSLight software installed on
    • Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
    • No license required
  • bcmsSVR server software installed on
    • Windows 2008 R2 or above
    • CentOS 6.x or above
    • Ubuntu 14.04 or above
    • Server license is required for each ACD connection

CMSLight Software Windows Installation

  • Download the BCMSLight zip file here.
  • Follow the installation steps below to install the software.
    • Extract all the files into directory c:\program files\BCMSLight
    • Copy BCMSLight.ini from the installation directory to c:\windows directory
    • Edit the _server entry to define the IP address of bcmsSVR
    • Edit the _port entry to define the port number of bcmsSVR which provides the REST interface
    • Edit the _vdn_xx entry to define the acd and the vdn numbers, multiple vdns can be included in one line and each vdn is separate by character “;”
    • Edit the _skill_xx entry to define the acd and the skill numbers, multiple skills can be included in one line and each skill is separated by character “;”
    • Edit the _vdndor entry to define the lighting device vendor. The supporting value is “embrava” or “kuando”
    • Edit the _threshold_xx entry to define monitoring object such as “queue”, “oldest”, abandon”, “acht” and “servicelevel” and their warning and critical threshold value respectively.

Sample Screen Dumps

bcmsSVR 2.0.6 Released

Posted: December 17, 2018 in BCMS, News

bcmsSVR 2.0.6 just released, this version has the following update.

1. The bcmsListSplit, bcmsListVdn, bcmsListAgent, bcmsListTrunk data is not updated when the record is existed.
2. The last 2 day of bcmsListSplitDay and bcmsListVdnDay data are updated only to prevent all data loss when system interchanged.
3. Supports sending data to Splunk using HTTP Event Collector method.
4. Two parameters to load the certificate and key files, the two parameters are “bcms_sslcertfilename” and “bcms_sslkeyfilename”.
5. Add listhunt report.

bcmsSVR 2.0.5 Released

Posted: July 26, 2018 in BCMS

bcmsSVR 2.0.5 just released, this version has the following update.

1. Fixed listHistory without data when timezone is in daylight saving mode.

bcmsSVR 2.0.4 Released

Posted: April 26, 2018 in BCMS, News

bcmsSVR 2.0.4 just released, this version has the following update.

1. Add bcmslistsplitday, bcmslistvdnday and listtrunk reports.

bcmsSVR 2.0.3 Released

Posted: December 17, 2017 in BCMS

bcmsSVR 2.0.3 just released, this version has the following updates

1. Recomplil Linux version with libssh. The libssh2 has serious bug.
2. Fixed Linux version segmentation fault which caused by function strtok.

Customers who subscribe the annual email support service are entitled to have free update, please contact UPINGET Technologies for the download URL.

bcmsSVR 2.0.2 Released

Posted: November 13, 2017 in BCMS, News

bcmsSVR 2.0.2 just released, this version has the following updates

1. Initialize the report variables before the parsing of OSSI raw output.
2. Fixed lost OSSI connection bug.
3. Fixed bcmslisttrunk malfunction bug.

bcmsSVR 2.0.1 Released

Posted: August 19, 2017 in BCMS, News

bcmsSVR 2.0.1 just released. The updates are 

1. Compile with libSSH for Windows version.
2. Add parameter bcms_debuglog, set it to true if you want to have debug log.
3. Add parameter bcms_splunk_logdir for storing of splunk log in local files.
4. Bug fixing on bcmsListAgent, bcmsListSplit, bcmsListVdn and bcmsListTrunk Splunk logging.
5. Add report without description.

bcmsSVR 2.0.0 Released

Posted: January 29, 2017 in BCMS

29 Jan 2017, bcmsSVR 2.0.0 just released. This version has the following changes

1. Change the tcpgate console commands of bcms reports as follow
– add/delete bcmsmonitorsplit
– add/delete bcmsmonitorsystem
– add/delete bcmsmonitorvdn
– add/delete bcmslistsplit
– add/delete bcmslistvdn
– add/delete bcmslistagent
– add/delete bcmslisttrunk
– add/delete bcmslistsummarysplit
– add/delete bcmslistsummaryvdn
– add/delete bcmslistsummaryagent
– add/delete bcmslistsummarytrunk
2. Add 4 new reports and store the data in database
– ListStation
– ListAgent
– ListVdn
– ListHistory
3. Change the database tables as follow
– tListAgent -> tBcmsListAgent
– tListSplit -> tBcmsListSplit
– tListSummaryAgent -> tBcmsListSummaryAgent
– tListSummarySplit -> tBcmsListSummarySplit
– tListSummaryTrunk -> tBcmsListSummaryTrunk
– tListSummaryVdn -> tBcmsListSummaryVdn
– tListTrunk -> tBcmsListTrunk
– tListVdn -> tBcmsListVdn
– tMonitorSplit -> tBcmsMonitorSplit
– tMonitorSystem -> tBcmsMonitorSystem
– tMonitorVdn -> tBcmsMonitorVdn
4. The naming of bcms reports for the bcms.dll and bcmsOCX.ocx are all prefix with bcmsapi and bcms respectively.
5. Supports Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS) for MSSQL. A parameter bcms_db_mssqlmars is defined. Set it to true if this feature is enabled for MSSQL.
6. Fixed SSH login failed and long time issues.

bcmsSVR 1.1.13 Released

Posted: September 25, 2016 in BCMS, News

25 Sep 2016, bcmsSVR 1.1.13 just released. The changes are
1. The tables for “list measurements hunt-group last-hour” and “list measurements hunt-group yesterday-peak” are modified, data is appended to the database. Please drop the tables if you are using the two reports.
2. The displayAgent function returns more items.
3. New functions AddAgentSkill, DeleteAgentSkill, UpdateAgentSkill and ChangeAgentBasic are added.

bcmsSVR 1.1.12 Released

Posted: July 19, 2016 in BCMS, News

19 Jul 2016, bcmsSVR 1.1.12 just released. It supports the following new reports

1. list measurements hunt-group last-hour
2. list measurements hunt-group yesterday-peak
3. list measurements hunt-group today-peak