AstLogger 1.3.6 Released

Posted: October 4, 2013 in Asterisk, News, TSAPI

AstLogger 1.3.6 just released.  This release has a some enhancements and bug fixings:

  • KEY and UCID are searching items.
  • Customer number is now clickable so you can call the customer directly if your PC supports callto protocol. You can try ScreenPop which is created for this purpose.
  • To ensure properly hangup of the Asterisk recording station, the program sends FastAGI hangup command to terminate the call between Asterisk and Avaya.
  • For new version of Asterisk, the answer event from OOH323 trunk is slower and a parameter called “al_waitloggeranswer” is introduced. If answer event is obtained within 3 s, set it to 3.

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