AstLogger 1.3.8 Released

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Asterisk, News, TSAPI

5 Jan 2013, AstLogger 1.3.8 just released.  This release has some enhancements:

  • Supports “ondemand” recording mode. New parameters “al_ondemandonfc”, “al_ondemandonfile”, “al_ondemandofffc”, “al_ondemandofffile”, “al_ondemandbuffersize” and “al_ondemandworkersize” are defined for this purpose.
  • Supports backup record vdn prefix for asterisk logger resilience. A parameter “al_emergencysplit” is defined for this purpose. When the emergency split is enabled, Astlogger will use the backup record vdn prefix for call recording.
  • FAGI buffer size and worker size parameters are now configurable, the parameters “al_fagibuffersize” and “al_fagiworkersize” are defined for this purpose.
  • The parameters “al_extension”, “al_acd”, “al_phantomdevice”, “al_recordvdnprefix”, “al_vdngreetingprefix”,  “al_splitgreetingprefix” are depreciated.

For details, please refer to the support page.

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