AvayaCDR and Splunk

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Avaya CDR, Daily Usage

I want to implement a front-end application for AvayaCDR. I have no plan so far because I know it is difficult to write such front-end application especially when CDR data is in customised format. I found someone using Splunk for Cisco CDR and implemented a Splunk app, this triggered me to use Splunk for my AvayaCDR program.

I plan to implement a Splunk connector. Such connector parses the incoming CDR streams, assigns each field with it’s name (when CDR fields are assigned with meaningful names, Searching and Reporting in Splunk becomes strait-forward.) and formats a new CDR record that can be recognised by Splunk. The AvayaCDR then forwards the new CDR data records to Splunk (using TCP), Splunk then performs indexing and allows users to perform Searching and Reporting. Dashboard reports for telecom charging can be created by Splunk when the new CDR data records contains charging information. Sample screen dumps attached.

Search Screen 


Call Chart 


Trunk Chart



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