ClintSVR RTA_IEX Report

Posted: July 24, 2014 in CMS

The CMS custom rta_iex report contains a lot of useful information about the state and duration of call center agents. I am modifying the clintSVR to feed the RTA raw data to Splunk so we have a total view of our agents. By using the Splunk search interface, you can find out how long your agent to take a break (AUX) or to do after call work (ACW). Most important, you can find the result within seconds.

The new version of clintSVR 1.1.9 just released and it supports the logging of custom RTA raw data to Splunk. You can use Splunk to create summary and agent reports such as AUX reason code and duration summary report, ACW summary and duration report, etc. Please contact me for a trial license key.

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