Asterisk CTI Implementation – Part Two

Posted: December 9, 2015 in Asterisk

The Asterisk CTI implementation has some progress. I have developed a CTI server called AstCTI which connects to Asterisk using ARI and accepts client connections by interfaces such as WebSocket, OCX and REST. I just developed the OCX interface, currently the OCX interface only supports Connect, Disconnect, StartMonitor and StopMonitor methods. Also, it has an OCX event interface called OnJSONEvent for JSON events which are delivered from Asterisk.

The AstCTI is a Windows Service program, it uses tcpgate console for program configuration and message tracing


I also developed a VC program for testing. The telephony icon on the VC program is the OCX that I mentioned above.


Next I will develop the WebSocket interface and study the call control functions such as MakeCall, Hangup, Transfer and Conference, etc.

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