ivrSVR 1.1.7 Released

Posted: January 28, 2016 in News, TSAPI

28 Jan 2016, ivrSVR 1.1.7 just released. This version supports additional call control functions such as clearCall, snapshot and queryACDSplit. This version also supports get, set and update of user data by hex-encoded UUI. I recently found that the TSAPI UUI field can be passed between Avaya and Asterisk and it is in the form of hex-encoded UUI. In Asterisk IVR call flow, user data can be retrieved by calling ivrSVR REST interface with the hex-encoded UUI as parameter. When Asterisk IVR transfers the call back to agent who sits on the Avaya side, the IVR can update the user data by the ivrSVR REST interface. By using this way, we can pass user data between Avaya and Asterisk very easily.

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