ctiSVR 1.2.10 Released

Posted: April 26, 2018 in News, TSAPI

ctiSVR 1.2.10 just released, this version has the following updates:

1. Change TSAPI event notification method from acsSetESR to acsEventNotify.
2. calltoui.exe supports Microsoft Dynamic CRM generic listener adapter.
3. calltoui.exe supports parameterized URL for inbound call solution.
4. Recompile Linux distribution to fix potential segmentation fault caused by strtok function.

  1. Christopher Yates says:

    Does ctiSVR support the Avaya TSAPI events for call recording Pause/Resume? I need to trigger an HTML call to another piece of software when a TSAPI recording pause/resume trigger is seen.

    • upinget says:

      As far as I know, TSAPI does not have Pause/Resume events for call recording. Call recording Pause/Resume is a kind of command sent to logger to pause or resume the recording, it has no relation with the TSAPI. If we reference to the DMCC model, only media start and media stop events are received. There is no media pause/resume events also. If your logger allows you registering a callback procedure for Pause/Resume of call recording, then your HTML callback can be implemented. For other question, you can send us email directly, our email address is service@upinget.com.

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