Passing CTI Data between Avaya and Asterisk

Posted: October 6, 2018 in Asterisk, TSAPI


TSAPI UUI data can be passing to Asterisk by using of Avaya Adjunct Routing, this enables us to use Asterisk as IVR for call center environment. For example, many IVR applications such as Language Selection, Survey and PIN Verification can be implemented by the Asterisk. Our solution included using tools such is RouteMgr, callAnalytics, ctiSVR and uuiSVR, the architecture diagram is shown below.

The RouteMgr is for routing of incoming calls and creation of UUI data for Avaya and Asterisk integration. RouteMgr required advanced TSAPI license, it creates UUI data when the call has no attached UUI data and routes the call to destination based the routing configuration. Asterisk will see the UUI data in the SIP header, it can retrieve the call information which is in JSON format by sending REST command to callAnalytics. When Asterisk wants to transfer the call to Agent, it can update the user data with the same UUI by sending REST command to ctiSVR. Once call is transferred to Agent, the Agent softphone which has connection to AES will receive the call event with the UUI, the user data can be obtained by sending REST command to ctiSVR.

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