Twilio WhatsApp Using Avaya CallBack

Posted: December 10, 2019 in News, TSAPI


Using Twilio WhatsApp API to create a chat application is easy and powerful. In some scenarios, we need to enable the contact center to callback a customer using company’s hotline number with specific skillset of agent who has login to Avaya. The UPINGET ctiSVR has REST API which can integrate Twilio with Avaya for that particular callback scenario.

When you programming your WhatsApp chat application using the Twilio Studio, you can add a HTTP Request Widget and enter the REQUEST URL and parameters as following to integrate the ctiSVR which implements the callback function on the Avaya platform.

    • http://server:port/makecallbackcall?
    • With parameters
      • extension=xxxxx
      • destination={{trigger.message.From}}
      • callto=true
      • payload=json
      • duration=5
      • ctiToken=xxxxxxxxxx
    • The extension can be vdn, hunt group extension, agent extension or agent id
    • The destination is the mobile number which triggers the WhatsApp messages
    • The callto=true parameter tells ctiSVR to parse the destination number by configuration rules
    • The payload=json parameter tells ctiSVR to return HTTP payload in JSON format
    • The duration=5 parameter tells ctiSVR must return result in 5 seconds because it is function requirement of the Twilio HTTP Request
    • The ctiToken=xxxxxxxxxx enhance the security of ctiSVR because ctiSVR only makes call by valid token
    • Output variables
      • widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.parsed.result
        • The possible result is success or error
      • widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.parsed.error
        • The error message of the HTTP Request when the result is error
      • widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.parsed.callid
        • The call id of the call
      • widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.parsed.ucid
        • The UCID of the call
      • widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.parsed.phantom
        • The phantom device which makes the call
      • widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.parsed.answering
        • The Avaya answering device which the call is connected
      • widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.parsed.destination
        • The destination number after parsed by the ctiSVR

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