AutoBridge 1.1.0 Released

Posted: February 23, 2020 in News, TSAPI

AutoBridge 1.1.0 just released, this version has the following updates:

1. Supports website AutoBridge softphone  which allows agents to login/logoff ACD and performs simple state manipulation, call control over the web.
2. Supports REST and WebSocket interfaces for application/CRM integration.

About AutoBridge Softphone

The AutoBridge Softphone enables agents to login or logoff ACD using browser from their home/company provided computer. Also, it provides call control functions for agents to communicate with their customers and the support departments over the Avaya trunks and company numbers.


After enter the valid agent id, password and press the Login button, the AutoBridge selects one available station from the pool and performs the ACD login for the agent. The default work mode of the login is AUX state. Agent can change his state to Auto, Manual, ACW or AUX mode. For the AUX mode, agent can also specify AUX reason by select the reason description from drop down Reason Code menu. If agent press the Logout button, the AutoBridge then logoff the agent from ACD and release the station to the pool.

Call Control 

Since the AutoBridge connects the agent station and agent’s mobile/SIP phone by conference call, it can only provide limited call control functions for the agent. If the agent is engaging in a call, he/she can blind transfer/conference by clicking the Transfer or Conference button after he/she enters the telephone number or selects the speed dial number from the drop down Speed Dial menu. If the agent is not engaging in a call, he/she can make call to a customer by entering the telephone number and click the Call button. He can drop the call by clicking the Hangup button after conversation is finished.

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