CallAnalytics 2.0.10 Released

Posted: July 27, 2020 in News, TSAPI

CallAnalytics 2.0.10 just released, this version has the following updates.

1. Implement local scope of locking for agent object during update its members.
2. Fixed CallAnalyticsLight hang when switching different functions in the main tab.
3. Fixed VDN report that contains invalid AWT and LWT figures.
4. Fixed program hang during deletion of report when the report is running.
5. The sequence of locking changed for class CCallInfo, CMovingAvg, CIntervalStat to prevent daedlock.
6. Fixed incorrect state of SplitSkillStatus report if relevant VDN is not monitored.
7. Improve performance by using bulk AES query. The split check, regular agent query and splitskillstatus reports are all benefit by this improvement.

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