DMCCLogger 1.0.6 Released

Posted: August 12, 2020 in DMCC, News

DMCCLogger 1.0.6 just released, this version has the following updates.

1. Add parameter dmcc_sscrestriction to restrict recording only for “acd” or “station” call.
2. Use latest version jrtplib (3.11.2).
3. When AES close the connection, reset the socket connection to AES and reset the session id.
4. Add Admin APIs for integration with other front-ends.
5. The API for saving application data also accepts UCID as a unique key.
6. Check the decrypted password and only proceed to add phantom and extension when the password is valid.
7. Move un-answered voice file to default recording path.
8. Fix extension is not read from database during program startup.
9. Alter the tRecordPath table to have one additional field to define the SFTP folder for the unencrypted voice files.
10. Add a new table for the mapping of the SFTP folder for unencrypted voice files to SFTP destination.
11. Modify DMCCLogger to store unencrypted voice files to the SFTP folder.
12. Modify Alarchived to upload the voice files in the SFTP folder to SFTP destination server and delete the unencrypted voice files once the upload is completed.

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