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CallAnalytics 2.0.12 Released

Posted: March 15, 2021 in News, TSAPI

CallAnalytics 2.0.12 just released, this version has the following updates.

1. The userdata in JSON format is special handled for JSON entity or simply string value.
2. Hangup user data is added to the callinfo API.
3. Fixed the segmentation fault which is caused by multiple threads accessing the tsapi event array.

clintSVR 2.0.0 Released

Posted: March 14, 2021 in CMS, News

clintSVR 2.0.0 just released, this version has the following updates.

1. Supports sending data to Kafka.
2. Add HisAgentSummaryInterval and HisTrunkGroupSummaryInterval reports.
3. Can add the hissplitskillsummaryinterval, hisvdninterval, hisagentsummaryinterval and histrunkgroupsummaryinterval reports to clintSVR and run at regular interval to push the data to Splunk and Kafka.
4. Supports Grafana and Prometheus integration via Metrics REST API.
5. The trunkgroupreport with additional information on idle, used and unknownstatus trunk numbers.
6. Supports standard reports with JSON payload.
7. Fixed VDN report that the oldestcallwaiting field did not refresh because the raw data contains invalid characters.
8. Ready the framework to supports RT-Socket custom reports by DLL customization.

AstLogger 1.4.14 Released

Posted: February 15, 2021 in News, TSAPI

AstLogger 1.4.14 just released. The updates are

1. Increase buffer size from 1024 to 4096 for bigger CSTA and Private data events.
2. Fine tune the stream checking to avoid false alarm detection.
3. Change TSAPI event notification method from acsSetESR to acsEventNotify.
4. Update the AstLogger web pages to align with DMCCLogger web pages.
5. Update the t_astcalldata with logger id field and merge the t_astappdata call data fields.
6. Display call end party on the call search web page.

Splunk App CallAnalytics v1.0.1

Posted: January 31, 2021 in BCMS, News

Splunk App CallAnalytics v1.0.1 just released. It supports 

  • Queue Real-time Dashboard
  • VDN Real-time Dashboard
  • Agent Real-time Dashboard
  • Trunk Real-time Dashboard
  • Call Search 
  • Attendance Search 

You can find the new screen dumps as follows:

DMCCLogger 1.0.7 Released

Posted: January 27, 2021 in DMCC, News

DMCCLogger 1.0.7 just released, this version has the following updates.

1. Add linkstatus API to check link status.
2. Writes the logger id to the t_astcalldata table to support centralized database.
3. Fixed a bug that singlestep conference call failed due to change of call id.
4. Fixed a bug that call file is spited for conference call.
5. Migrate PHP mysql to mysqli package.
6. Remove support of IE for call playback, the library SoundManager has removed.
7. Support Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 distribution.

bcmsSVR 2.1.1 Released

Posted: January 27, 2021 in BCMS, News

bcmsSVR 2.1.1 just released, this version has the following updates.

1. Add statushuntgroup REST API, also the data is written to Splunk and Kafka interfaces.
2. Add addhuntgroupmember, deletehuntgroupmember REST API.

AvayaECHI 1.1.16 Released

Posted: January 27, 2021 in CMS, News

AvayaECHI 1.1.16 just released, this version has the following updates:

1. Fixed memory leakage when remote SFTP host is not reachable.
2. Check if the local directory has regular files before opening an upload sftp session.
3. Fixed the event time incorrect issue for Splunk HEC method.
4. Supports Ubuntu 18.04 or version above.

ctiSVR 1.2.14 Released

Posted: January 4, 2021 in News, TSAPI

Happy New Year! ctiSVR 1.2.14 just released, this version has the following updates:

1. Supports bulk version of queryacdsplits(), querydeviceinfos() and queryagentstates() API.
2. Fixed the segmentation fault which is caused by multiphe threads accessing the tsapi event array.
3. Supports DMCC Physical Device Services and Events. New APIs getbuttoninformation(), getlampmode(), buttonpress(), getdisplay(), sethookswitchstatus(), gethookswitchstatus(),
getringerstatus(), getregistrationstate(), validatedevicesecuritycode(), changedevicesecuritycode() and getlinkstatus() are supported.
4. Supports splitskillstatus() API.
5. Supports HookswitchEvent, DisplayUpdatedEvent, RingerStatusEvent and LampModeEvent in XML and JSON formats.
6. The ivrSVR uses the LampModeEvents to enhance the determination of the agent state for the splitskillstatus() API.

Splunk App AvayaCDR

Posted: November 16, 2020 in Avaya CDR, News

We have created a Splunk App called Avaya CDR, the current version of the app is 1.0.1. You can download the app free from here. After download, use the Splunk Manage App function to upload the file avayacdr[version].tar.gz into Splunk. Then enable the Splunk HTTP Event Collector Global Setting. Also update the parameters of  AvayaCDR with the the following console commands:

  • update parameter cdr_splunkdataformat json
  • update parameter cdr_splunkhecchannel f809f862-85c4-45df-b8e6-d66d26fd6eb0
  • update parameter cdr_splunkhectoken f809f862-85c4-45df-b8e6-d66d26fd6eb0
  • update parameter cdr_splunkhecurl
  • update parameter cdr_splunkprotocol hec
  • reload

When you send the CDR to this Splunk App, you can see the following Call and International dashboards. Enjoy!

bcmsSVR 2.1.0 Released

Posted: November 1, 2020 in BCMS, News

bcmsSVR 2.1.0 just released, this version has the following updates.

1. Add admin API list/add/delete report.
2. Add admin API updatelicense/displaylicense.
3. Add admin API list/add/delete acd.
4. Add admin API list/add/delete/update parameter.
5. Add admin API reload parameter.
6. Add admin API add/delete/test/list email.
7. Add admin API emailconfig to update email email configuration.
8. Add function to add/remove/change agent.
9. The function changebasicbasic added autoanswer parameter.
10. Login function support password together with pin.
11. Send log to Splunk stopped for bcmsList functions after server is restarted is fixed due to incorrect timestamp read from database after program restart.
12. Change the maximum ACD connection pool size from 10 to 15.
13. Addition of ACD connection to connection pool in the reload function without restart of the program.
14. Supports sending the data to Kafka.
15. Supports “list measurement trunk-group hourly” and “list measurement trunk-group summary” reports.