ctiSVR 1.2.7 Released

Posted: November 4, 2016 in News, TSAPI

4 Nov 2016, ctiSVR 1.2.7 just released. The changes are

1. The uuiSVR supports maximum record size from 1024 to 65536.
2. Supports new APIs AddExtension, DelExtension, MakePhantomCall, PinVer.
3. Supports RedHat/CentOs Linux 32bit versions.


We also create a OVA file which you can deploy it to VirtualBox or VMware Workstation or Player for testing.  After deploying the OVA file, please modify the following for your own environment

  • IP address of the VM
  • Edit /usr/lib/tslibrc, change to the IP address of your Avaya AES
  • Telnet to ivrSVR console port 14012, update the parameter called ivr_tlink_01 and ivr_tlink_02
  • Once the changes are completed, reboot the VM

The username and password of the OVA VM is

  • OS : root/P@ssw0rd
  • MySQL: root/P@ssw0rd
  • ivrSVR console: tcpgate/tcpgate01
  • uuiSVR console: tcpgate/tcpgate01

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