AstLogger 1.4.11 Released

Posted: November 11, 2016 in News, TSAPI

10 Nov 2016, AstLogger 1.4.11 just released. The changes are

1. Supports CentOS/RedHat 6.
2. Creates recordpath locally by the Linux distribution.


We also create a OVA file which you can deploy it to VirtualBox or VMware Workstation or Player for testing.  After deploying the OVA file, please modify the following for your own environment

  • IP address of the VM
  • Edit /usr/lib/tslibrc, change to the IP address of your Avaya AES
  • Telnet to AstLogger console port 14005, update the parameter called al_tlink_01, al_tlink_02 and other parameters
  • Once the changes are completed, reboot the VM

The username and password of the OVA VM is

  • OS : root/P@ssw0rd
  • MySQL: root/P@ssw0rd
  • AstLogger console: tcpgate/tcpgate01
  • uuiSVR console: tcpgate/tcpgate01
  • alarchived console: tcpgate/tcpgate01

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